In the age of digitalization, look back, dare to be analog.*

* Analogization in this context is not the act of analogizing (neither in the traditional wikipedia sense nor in the counter-digitalization sense). Analogization is a change of mindset; not aiming for all things digital as well as not necessarily discarding all things digital either. But above all, preserving the analog thinking including the analog noise that is the essence of creativity. Just as looking back can be seen as the essence of learning. To be analog is not just sterile sampling of the reality but feeling and experiencing it in more than just zeroes and ones. Not modeling and acting on the simplified model but leaning on the intuition. Experiencing real people in a real world. Analogization exists not just for the nostalgia, nor is it at all about the resistance to change. In the age of digitalization there is often very low value for the manifestation of the human wisdom. Actually, in the age of digitalization humanity aims for attaining the state of uselessness. However paradoxically, it is only by the miserable failures of the digitalization efforts, that the human race has generated materially well compensated but sometimes even meaningless work more than anything else. Digitalization employed responsibly may still work as a means to an end, which is analogization.

Respect your elders - organic - experience - feel - analogisaatio - digitalisaatio

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